What is this vegan cheese made of?

Nafsika’s Garden

is coconut oil-based!


Our cheese alternatives are an easy solution to completely avoid cheese in the diet, while still enjoying the taste you love.

Is Nafsika's Garden allergy free?

Nafsika’s Garden vegan cheese is free from all major allergens

Nafsika’s Garden cheese is free from dairy, nuts, gluten, soy and peas (the most common allergies)


*Allergy Alert- Peas: Only our Mature Cheddar and White Cheddar Styles contain peas. Our regular Cheddar or any other products do not.

Our products do not contain lentils, legumes and any raw ingredients from the allium family (onions, garlic, shallots, chives, leek, green onions, etc.) with the below exceptions:

*Allergy Alert- Garlic/Chives: Only our Artisan line (Chives/ Herbs/Peppercorn), our Smoked Gouda Style, and our Cream Cheese with Garlic & Herbs contain any garlic or chives.

Why vegan?


Globally, more and more people are adopting a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle for a multitude of reasons: Ethical and humane treatment of animals, the severe environmental impact of factory farming, and the proven health issues surrounding obesity, high cholesterol and chemicals used in animal proteins. Nafsika’s Garden aims to address these issues by providing vegan alternatives to the world.


Do you ship direct?


we do not ship directly to consumers, but can help you locate a store or online store near you! Click here to access our Store Locator.

Where can I find your products?

Store Locator

You can find our products are many supermarket chains and independent stores around the world! Simply enter your zip code or city/country into the Store Locator field to search.